Riverside To Release ‘Love, Fear and the Time Machine’ September 4th

Love, Fear and the Time Machine

Love, Fear and the Time Machine‘, Riverside’s sixth studio longplay album will be released via Inside Out Music and Mystic Production on September 4th, 2015, feature cover artwork by longtime design-partner Seempieces | Illustration & Design by Travis Smith (Katatonia, Opeth, etc.) and will contain the following track listing:

1. Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By a Hat?)
2. Under the Pillow
3. #Addicted
4. Caterpillar and the Barbed Wire
5. Saturate Me
6. Afloat
7. Discard Your Fear
8. Towards the Blue Horizon
9. Time Travellers
10. Found (The Unexpected Flaw of Searching)

Riverside’s Mariusz Duda checked in with the following comment about ‘Love, Fear and the Time Machine‘:
“On the new album I wanted to combine the 70s and the 80s. The 80s were a decade of musical growing up for me. We don’t sound as retro and 70s as before, we moved forward, we sort of demolished the previous foundations and build new ones. Despite the huge dose of melancholy and nostalgia, there is a new space, the songs are arranged with more flow and at the same time they have never been so concise and to the point before. The lyrics on “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” talk about a transformation. About making an important, perhaps life changing, decision everyone has to make at some point in their lives. What happens to us when we have to make it? On the one hand we’re excited by the change, we feel free, liberated, and on the other we fear the unknown, we are afraid of what might happen to us. We go back in time and we go forward in time in our heads. And all that happens when we have to decide something important. The first of the songs on the album is called ‘Lost’, the last one, ‘Found’. If we sometimes get lost in life, it is to go through something and be found again on the other side, to be reborn as someone better and more valuable. I would like this album to be one of those that one day simply becomes your best friend.”are additionally working on a musical bonus package entitled ‘Day Session‘, the brighter companion of the ‘Night Session‘ presented on the band’s previous album ‘Shrine Of New Generation Slaves‘.

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Review: The Darkness – Last of Our Kind

The Darkness – Last of Our Kind

Review: The Darkness – Last of Our Kind

Canary Dwarf Limited (June 2015)

Reviewer: Peter Scallan

Ahhh, The Darkness return for Part 2 of Part 2. Their last album Hot Cakes received a mixed reception, although I must declare myself in that respect and say that it grew on me and I absolutely love it! The early video for ‘Barbarian’ indicated a slight shift in sound, being much heavier. However, with the record having been produced by Dan Hawkins, followers of his band Stone Gods may well recognise the heavier sound employed to great effect on that album.

Barbarian is the is the opening salvo on the album opening with a spoken word intro sounding a little like Stanley Unwin (check him out on Youtube for those of you too you too remember, which will be most of you!). It is a heavy duty riff with a razor sharp chugging guitar and riff through the verses before bursting into a Norse-like chorus. The next song varies the usual bastard offspring of Queen and AC/DC and opens like a track from the Cult’s Love album. ‘Open Fire’ is a fast paced rocker which also ferociously rocks along with Justin Hawkins varying his vocal style and using lower, raunchier registers in addition of course to his stratospheric screaming. Anybody playing this ing and it would be a filler, but with these guys doing it is killer. And who else could get away with the line ‘Gimme a hug in a sheepskin rug’? The acoustic opening of ‘Last of Our Kind’ reminds of the Hot Cake album and has another killer chorus with Justin using his vocal range to good effect over a monster chop. ‘Roaring Waters’ brings us full circle back to the being the bastard offspring described above and is glorious for it too. Big guitar riff a la the Young Brothers with a chorus of backing vocals Mr Mercury would be pleased with. The mood is lightened and the pace drops a little for ‘Wheels of the Machine’ which has a great mix of clean, dirty and acoustic guitars and Justin in full falsetto mood for the chorus.

With an opening of 70s style keyboards Yes would be pleased with, ‘Mighty Wings’ bursts into life with some neat twin guitar work before a grating riff Metallica would be pleased with cuts and introduces a Thin Lizzy style guitar riff for the verses. The song breaks down into a half-time beat for the chorus and definitely breaks the Queen-AC/DC comparisons. Having said that it would sit nicely on the Stone Gods album! Great stuff! And then we are treated to classic Darkness humour for ‘Mudslide’ with its spoken opening of ‘This ain’t no double entendre. This ain’t no euphism.’ Almost verging on Spinal Tap, it is another great rocking riff and another great chorus ending with Zeppelin-like acoustic guitar a la Led Zepp III. We are then treated to a solo section that would be more at home on a Deep Purple album. I can’t think of anybody else who would get away with this and the comic voice at the end askg, ‘Do you know what this is? It’s a fuckin mudslide!’ Classic Lizzy-inspired Darkness quickly follows in the form of ‘Sarah O’Sarah’. With its twin guitars and Celtic influenced drums and guitars for the chorus, it’s reminds me a little of Hazel Eyes from One Way Ticket for some reason despite not sounding anything like it! The opening of ‘Hammer and Tongs’ has a Faces feel to it and the use of the bottle neck and the twelve bar chorus only reinforce this. Classic rock’n’roll with a Darkness lyrical twist! The last song of the album comes far too quickly for me and Justin makes uses of the lower huskier style he has discovered on this album for this acoustic rocker. ‘Conquerors’ reminds me of classic 70s Elton John which the chord changes, especially on the instrumental interlude after the chorus. Apart from the massive vocal treatment the chorus gets! And disappointingly the album is finished all too soon come in just over the 40 minute mark.

Many Darkness fans have been raving about the new heavier sound the band has adopted and it really does work. I am not sure about the song writing credits as I have an e-copy but I would hazard a guess that Dan not only produced this album but heavily influenced the songwriting to very positive effect indeed! If you like the Darkness you will love this! And if you love this, do yourself a favour, and if you haven’t already, buy Dan’s non-Darkness effort the Stone Gods album Silver Spoons and Broken Bones because you will love it. Long live the Darkness!

Glen Hughes Add’s Southampton Date TO UK Tour

Glenn Hughes UK Dates

With recent announcements of live shows in South America and Europe in August, September and October, GLENN HUGHES, the legendary “Voice of Rock”, is extending his 2015 Solo Tour with new shows in the UK, spanning mid October into November.

Tickets go on sale in the UK from 10am GMT Tuesday June 23 from the following venues:

Glenn Hughes – 2015 UK Tour Dates
with special guest Jared James Nichols

Saturday 17th – Southampton, Engine Rooms (JUST ANNOUNCED) BUY TICKETS
Monday 19th – Norwich, Waterfront BUY TICKETS
Tuesday 20th – Newcastle, Tyne Theatre BUY TICKETS
Thursday 22nd – Belfast, Limelight BUY TICKETS
Friday 23rd – Glasgow, The Garage BUY TICKETS
Sunday 25th – Holmfirth, Picturedrome BUY TICKETS
Monday 26th – Bilston, – Robin 2 BUY TICKETS
Wednesday 28th – York, Fibbers BUY TICKETS
Thursday 29th – Manchester, Club Academy BUY TICKETS
Sunday 1st – London, ENGLAND – Electric Ballroom BUY TICKETS

Joining Hughes for his UK shows, will be Doug Aldrich (Revolution Saints & formerly Whitesnake, Dio) as guitar player and powerhouse Swedish drummer and longtime solo band member, Pontus Engborg, rounding out the trio.

The set will showcase highlights from Glenn’s colorful career: Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Country Communion, California Breed along with his solo material.

“It’s always a great pleasure for me to play in the UK. I have lived in Los Angeles most of my life, but my career started back in the UK,” says Hughes.

Continues Hughes, “I love my fans, and personally interact with them online, or at venues on my travels. There is no greater high than performing and to reach out to my fanbase.”

Joining my Band on Tour, will be Doug Aldrich, former Whitesnake and Dio Guitar player. “Ronnie introduced me to Doug years ago, and I felt it was time to ask Doug to Rock with me. It’s gonna be EPIC!”.

Tigertailz Announce New Bass Player Berty Burton


Tigertailz Announce New Bass Player Berty Burton.

Berty says: ‘Couldn’t be happier to have been asked, hell, even considered, to join such a great band!  Looking forward to sharing a stage with my new band-mates, and playing for all the Tailz fans! I know I have some big shoes to fill, but I’ll try and do you all proud. The new line up sounds absolutely monstrous!
See you in July Maniacz!!’

Quote from Jay ”As soon as we rehearsed with Berty we immediately knew he was the right guy for the job, he’s such a solid player, great to work with, and ticks all the boxes of exactly what we need in Tigertailz going forward. He’s played with New Generation Superstars and Drugdealer Cheerleader in Europe/UK, so we knew where his high standard of playing was at.
So at last we now have a fully functioning stable, UK based band, and cannot wait for the July shows to show how fantastic it’s all sounding right now!
See you there Maniacz!!”
A few weeks ago the band announced previous bassist Rob Wylde (Teenage Casket Company) was to switch roles into the new vocalist.
Tigertailz are now looking forward to the first shows with this completed new line up in July, with more dates TBC later this year.
Tigertailz are also currently in the studio working on ‘Daggerz‘, a long awaited album, which will be the follow up to the ‘Knives’ EP in 2013.
Catch the band live at The Rock N Bike Festival on Fri July 17th,
and then Dreadnoughts Club, Bathgate (Scotland) Sat 18th July.

Official Website


HRH AOR 4 – Competition Time

HRH AOR Competition

HRH AOR – Competition Time

Here is a chance to win a VIP accommodation and 6 passes for HRH AOR4 featuring Quiet Riot, Joe Lynn Turner , Tyketto, Gilby Clarke, Dan Reed Network, Russ Ballard, The Quireboys, Reckless Love  & Märvel, plus more bands still to be announced

To enter email info@hrhaor.com, with your name, contact mobile number and postcode

Closes 30th June at 12 midnight

Over 18s only

Ten Release New Lyric Video For ‘This Love’

Isla De Muerta

This Love‘ is the second single to be lifted from Ten‘s new album ‘Isla De Muerta‘, with the lyric video created by the director of all previously released Firefest DVDs, Bernhard Kellerer of Transistor Pictures & Rocktopia.

There are still limited signed copies of the new album available from www.rocktopiarecords.com.

Official Website

Review: Download 2015

Download 2015

Review: Download 2015

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

Two days of rain and a muddy field, well that’s nothing new for an Irishman to try and cope with, besides I had been at Download 2012 when the conditions were even worse, so I knew what to expect. A very early morning departure was going to mean a long day of travelling and rocking out to some of Rock’s Royalty. Our particular day started out sunny which was great, but sadly some very long queues going in meant that although we managed to hear most of their set, from a long distance away, we just missed The Dead Daises, actually we got over to the Encore stage in time to see John Corabi and the guys say their goodbyes and leave the stage. What we did hear though sounded really good, and definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.
Strange how things tend to work out time wise just as you expected, we had managed to get up to almost the front barrier in the center  in time for H.E.A.T., who were one of the bands I most looked forward to seeing, always do, they really are a formidable force live these days. The ability to bring a crowd with you on your journey and an unbridled energy, spearheaded by the constantly moving Erik Gronwall makes H.E.A.T. a band that people really do need to start taking notice of. With only twenty five minutes to impress the crowd they waste no time and get right to it in a set that is heavily loaded with tracks from the new album and they nail every one. The bands progression over the last few years for me can be summed up with the tittle track of Tearing Down The Walls, it shows a maturity and maintains the power adding an anthemic pulse that draws the crowd in, must be a great feeling for one a band early on the second stage to have a considerable number of the crowd singing back to them, only “It’s All About Tonight” and the excellent “Living On The Run” retain a slot in this short but very impressive set, and Erik finds the time to get out into the crowd and help finish the set in style, it won’t be long before this band is back at Download and it would be a surprise if it wasn’t in a higher up slot.
Finland’s Von Hertzen Brothers are always like a breath of fresh air, excellent musicians combined with some excellent songwriting makes these guys always worth checking out, and today is no exception. Again it’s not a lot of time for their set but the guys get stuck in straight away, their music evolves with time, yes there is definitely a huge chunk of Prog in what they do, but they are prog, rock, and even a little poppy in places, the new single “Hold Me Up” is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the set, it’s a real cracker of a track with some great energy. The whole sound of the band seems to change depending on whether it’s Mikko or Kie taking lead vocal duties, where Kie leads they take on a more edgy, slightly punky persona, and with Mikko it’s usually the more accessible tracks. As with H.E.A.T. I think VHB will have gained a lot of new fans from their two sets at Download, the tracks from the recently released New Day Rising album really shone, and bizarrely up to now the weather has been great.
Time to push through the mud, which was a bit of a pain in places, and make my way to the Mainstage to catch up with Tremonti, who have just released their second album Cauterize, and although I really like the band there was just something that wasn’t sitting well with me, the playing was as you would expect top notch, Mark is a really good guitarist and the Tremonti Riffs are just piledriving, excellent drumming too, but on this day the band just weren’t connecting with me, new tracks sounded really good and they band sound much heavier live, maybe I just needed some food/drink and I could feel the rain and that didn’t help, so I decided to make my way back over to the Encore Stage a couple of songs from the end of their set, shame as I had been looking forward to catching them, next time will hopefully be a much more positive experience. Tremonti are a really good band so I’m certainly not writing them off on one viewing.
Isn’t it amazing how in a crowd of somewhere approaching 90,000 you always manage to bump into people you know wandering around, and this particular Sunday is no exception, it’s always great to meet friends at Festivals, and it brightens the day.
As the rain began to get heavy again We Are Harlot hit the Encore Stage, and they have definitely got a decent crowd with them right from the start. Fronted by former Asking Alexandria lead vocalist Danny Worsnop, this is a completely different animal to his former band and vocal style, this is a hard rocking quartet that play some pretty classy Hard Rock, modern with definite pointers from the classics of the past. Most of this set is made up of material from the self titled debut, and there are some excellent songs pumping out the the faithful in front of the stage. “Denial”, “The One” and the excellent single “Dancing On Nails” which was superb, throw in a rousing cover of Queen’s “Tie Your Mother Down” and we are rocking and rolling again, keep an eye out for live dates for these guys.
Next up for me on the Main Stage are a band I had the pleasure, and I really do mean pleasure, to see last October, Blackberry Smoke, now their musical style might not have you automatically picture them at Download, but they really are excellent, so smooth, their set has an almost calming nature, and that doesn’t say that they don’t rock. Another superb, if slightly subdued, performance just enhances their standing in the minds of those that know them already but I am 100% certain that they gained a lot of new fans today, I heard people in different places later in the day discussing this band and how they were a great surprise, the Southern Rock/Americana of BBS is a joy partake, taking a look around me there are a lot of smiling faces underneath hoods, hats and umbrellas, and instead of moshing a spot of light dancing has broken out, rolling shoulders, gentle head movement, a testament to a band at the top of their game, treating the crowd to a fine selection of tracks from their last three studio albums and a lovely cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Your Time Is Gonna Come”, it really is no wonder that their last batch of UK shows sold out, they are just an excellent band that sound wonderful.
The rain and the stodgy mud trying to get up the hill on the Tent side of the Arena was starting to get me down a bit, sometimes it’s just involuntary and there’s nothing you can do about it, but having grabbed some food and wandering back down the hill it only took a minute of Billy Idol to set the world to rights again, still has a great presence, a sense of fun and just the right bloody attitude. The set was made up of the usual hits from his extensive back catalogue, some Generation X, and I have to say the stuff from the latest album (last years Kings & Queens Of The Underground) sounded really great live. If for whatever reason you have never managed to catch Mr. Idol live, do yourself a favour and get to one of his shows, honestly he single handedly lifted the mid afternoon lull, and you can’t go wrong with tracks like White Wedding and Rebel Yell in your armoury.
Having been promoted from the Encore Stage in 2013 at this stage most people know what to expect from Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators – a really good time, some old classics, and some great tunes from their own albums, and that’s exactly what we get, at this stage in their career I would personally prefer if they dropped the covers – but that just might not be possible, it’s not like the G’n’R tracks don’t still go down a storm and on top of that you have the fact that they do Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” better than that band did it, well what the hell, certainly after their next release a new setlist would be nice. Hearing “Your A Lie” pounding you ears, “Back From Cali” sooth your soul and I stood in this very field 3 years earlier getting goosebumps when the intro to “Anastasia” started up, guess what it still manages to do the trick for me, the band are a well oiled machine at this stage, lots of touring, a good attitude and only fault is that I’ve seen them a lot recently, and maybe a minor wobble from Myles on the first few bars of “Your A Lie”
Being billed as their Final Tour, Motley Crue hit the Main Stage for their last ever UK Festival performance, having sat through some friends video footage from the previous week at Sweden Rock I have to say I wasn’t really expecting too much, and was all set to move to one of the Tents if it all went haywire. But I was very pleasantly surprised that the band were sounding much better, all the Crue standards were here from “Wild Side” through “Dr. Feelgood”, “Shout At The Devil” and “Girls, Girls, Girls”, although for me Vince was never the best Singer in the world, and the last few years have certainly not been kind to his voice, but they still put on a really entertaining show, if this is the last time a lot of people are to see Crue then the memory we were left with was pretty good, nice pyro added into the mix, for me they really shouldn’t have come back out for an encore as “Home Sweet Home” got savaged, still as a friend reminded me not to let one track detract from what had been a really good set, I won’t – Rock On Crue.
For me there really was only going to be one band today, the first band I got into as a kid, they shaped a lot of things for me growing up, to get to see them headline the stage in Donington was always going to be a bit special, it’s not like I’ve never seen them before, or that I haven’t seen them play Festivals before – but something was building in the air, I had that spine tingle about what was about to unfold, this was going to be a massive show, this was KISS. Of course I’m not blinded by being a massive fan, I know the shortcomings, just like Vince Neil, Paul’s voice isn’t what it once was, but I think he makes it work a bit better for him, and besides you end up singing most of the songs yourself and watching the spectacle. The costumes, the risers, the screens (which were also on the roof of the stage), the smoke and pyro, the additional mini stage for Paul to zipline to close to the sound/lighting rig, everything was in place tonight and the sound out of the gate was better than anything that had preceded it by many miles. Although KISS have been essentially Touring a Greatest Hits set for a considerable time now, just revolving around a lot of the more popular tracks and throwing in a couple of curveballs every now and then, this set still sounds somewhat heavier to start with than normal, having “Detroit Rock City”. “Deuce”, “Psycho Circus”. “Creatures Of The Night”, “I Love It Loud” and “War Machine” as the opening third today was just WOW, the usual added extras are all here, fire breathing, pyro etc…. and visually it’s all just stunning to see and be a part of, I’m with a large group of strangers that are all singing and laughing and having an absolute blast, and isn’t that what a live show should be all about, Paul flies out over the crowd for “Love Gun” and the crowd as always laps it up, kicking off “Black Diamond” before zipping back to the stage to join the rest of the band. Gene seems to be on fine form tonight too and Tommy and Eric are always spot on with their parts in the show, there’s plenty of moving parts, the drums heading off to space always looks great, and Tommy firing blasts from his guitar work as well as they always did. Download goes disco as we approach the finale for “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” and it feels good, and the ticker tape canons and fireworks bring a great show to a close. The band are often slagged off, still thought of as a joke to many, but if you have brushed them aside in the past for whatever reason just do yourself a favour and get to one of these epic shows, for the visual overload alone it’s so worth the effort.
Thank you Download, after what’s been a very very long Sunday we limp our way back to the buses with joyful hearts, of course the weather could have been nicer, but it can’t dampen the music, a massive massive Festival, which isn’t really my thing, but I always seem to be drawn back by some of the acts on the bill, we will see what next year brings.


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